Flatland Investigations is the Kansas

(and central US) 

investigative arm of

The Sacred Order of St. Michael 

Order of Exorcists 

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We are a team of paranormal investigators that

includes a demonologist, psychic mediums, and

ordained ministers.

If demonic deliverance is required we submit a case

the the Order of Exorcists who will then dispatch a

trained priest or bishop. 

Flatland Investigations also helps with standard

haunts, hosts, human spirits, monsters of any sorts.

We can also help validate hauntings for the curious.

Feel free to email questions to:


Or use our Appointment Request Form to request

an appointment with one of our team members. 

This is a true ministry and all services are free.

Even the fun ones!


Can you find the ghost in the picture below?

This is the morning after returning from a paranormal investigation in our home.

Hint: It's "attached" to our equipment. 

Flatland  Investigations